LCCMR recommends funding 3rd phase of wake research

The 3rd phase of wake research will expand the U of MN’s existing research on boat generated waves and prop wash impacts, and will also research wind generated waves to parse out similarities and differences to boat generated waves.

The project was recommended by the LCCMR for approval by the MN Legislature in the Legacy funding bill in the session that started this month.

“It appears that the wake research team will receive funding for a Phase 3 study” said Andy Riesgraf, the Project Manager/Researcher for the Phase 2 wake study at the U of MN’s St. Anthony Falls Lab.

Andy added: “we submitted a proposal to the Legislative-Citizens Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) this past spring that has now been recommended to the MN Legislature for funding. If approved, funding for this three-year project would start July 2023. The project will expand our research on boat generated wake waves and propeller wash impacts on inland lakes. Moreover, the team will also look at wind generated waves to parse out similarities and differences to boat generated waves.”

Andy also noted that the successful crowdfunding campaigns for Phase 1 and 2 “conveyed a powerful message that studying boating impacts on our shared lakes is a critically important topic to Minnesotans and others across North America.”

More funding is still needed to completely fund Phase 2 of the wake study, so please consider giving if you haven’t or giving more if you have. Phase 2 focuses on characterizing the prop wash that is produced by large recreational boats. Prop wash is powerful, and has the potential to cause mixing of the water column and suspension of inorganic sediment (silts and sands) and organic detritus.

Phase 3 measures the downward force and the resultant energy impacting the bottom