Benefits of MN COLA

(Why be a member?)

Round-Robin sessions

  • Held quarterly
  • Opportunities to discuss both local, regional, and state-wide concerns and best practices

Quarterly membership meetings

  • Education on MN COLA focus areas
  • Updates on happenings in St. Paul
  • Annual election of open Board of Director seats

Recorded presentations on MN COLA focus areas

  • Available on-line for replay for yourself or at your meetings

Current Waters newsletters

  • Stay up to date on what’s happening in MN COLA
  • Be alerted to water-related news
  • Learn about upcoming educational opportunities
  • Know what we are reading and seeing
  • Get recaps of prior membership meetings

mncola.org Website

  • Be alerted to upcoming events
  • See important water-related news, curated by MN COLA
  • Read about our focus areas and our agendas for local and statewide changes
  • Search our repositories for access to information about water issues
  • Find out how you can act on our collective causes
  • Learn how and who governs MN COLA
  • Join and renew your MN COLA membership

Influence our legislative and grass-roots action agendas

  • You help us define and prioritize the issues needing local or statewide change

Leadership and Advocacy on water-related issues

  • Our MN COLA Legislative Agenda team works directly with MN legislators and with MN Lakes and Rivers Advocates
  • MN COLA leaders work on important statewide and regional committees on your behalf

Help for lake and river associations, COLAs and LARAs

  • We “answer the mail” providing guidance on water-related issues