MN COLA Best Practices in Action

Here are a few Best Practices in water management in Minnesota in action today. These BP’s were developed by your fellow lake associations and similar groups and are presented here for your consideration. Feel free to contact the individuals who made these practices possible. Information is provided on each downloadable pdf document.

AIS Cleaning Stations

– ACCL creates a lower cost alternative

The Association of Cass County Lakes (ACCL) has created a low-cost cleaning station on a post. Cass County is installing many of these stations at most landings in the area. Bulk purchasing of the components has kept the per station cost at approximately $105. The cost of the tools is very low, meaning dollar loss over time is very low, and replacement is a matter of business operation. See the two project summaries and watch the video for more information.

Project Summary: AIS Cleaning Stations

Detailed Summary: AIS Cleaning Station Sign and Tools Project

Creating a MN 103D Project within Watershed Districts

– use Minnesota Statute 103D to your benefit

The Koronis and Clearwater lakes associations in Stearns and Wright countries, respectively, each created a project under MN 103D to raise funds for AIS management. Together they assembled a flowchart for how to create a successful project. See the project summary and watch our video for more information.

Project Summary: Fund Raising Watershed Districts

Government Officials on the Water

– elected officials understand issues better when they can see, feel and touch them

Get your elected officials out on the water! There’s nothing like being there to see, feel and touch the problems. Minnesota Lakes and Rivers and MN COLA teamed up to show Minnesota Legislators what the waves from wake and surf boats are actually like. The Legislators were treated to immediate observations of the wave power induced by wake boats as they flew by. View the summary and watch our video for more information.

Project Summary: Government Officials on the Water

Build a Permanent Decontamination Station

– a do-it-yourself Level 1 & 2 decon station can be affordable

A permanent, hot water/high pressure watercraft decontamination station was assembled at the access on Deer Lake in Itasca County. The station has both Level 1 and Level 2 capabilities and is staffed by Level II Inspectors on a published schedule. Self-serve cleaning tools and rinsing station are available at no-charge 24/7 to all boaters. The station is managed and maintained through the Itasca County AIS program. See the summary pdf and watch our video for more information.

Project Summary: Permanent Decontamination Station

Create a Lake Improvement District (LID) for your lake

– a new funding stream to address the needs of the lake

Lake Improvement Districts (LID) are a special purpose type of government, formed by citizen action, to address lake issues. LIDS have taxing authority and are created through Minnesota Statute 103B. Citizens on and around Maple Lake in Wright County came together to identify and address crucial needs of the lake. Using established Minnesota law they successfully petitioned local governments to create a new taxing authority to provide funds for management of the lake. The LID is managed by local residents and the LID now provides needed resources for the lake. See the summary pdf and watch our video for more information.

Project Summary: Creating a Lake Improvement District (LID)