Get your geek on: New mass emailing requirements may affect your organization

Google and Yahoo logos together

Starting February 1, 2024, Google and Yahoo are tightening the controls on email authentication to improve delivery and reduce spam. MN COLA uses Constant Contact to send out emails and this upcoming change caused us to get a little geeky and make technical changes that we completed in mid-January.

These two big email providers are making these changes to protect their users (Gmail and Yahoo mail) from fraudulent messages, such as scams and phishing attempts, and will prevent any emails sent from unauthenticated email addresses from reaching the recipient’s inbox. These changes require email senders to prove they are legitimate and not spammers by setting up authentication and publishing a DMARC policy.

Yep, that’s geeky. BUT… it may impact your lake/river/COLA/LARA organizations from getting your email communications to all your members and friends depending on how you send out emails. So, if you aren’t the geek in your organization, let your geek(s) know so that they can get ahead of these new email controls. Just tell them to google “google email authentication 2024”.