Hello MN COLA!!

Our MN COLA meeting in Little Falls on March 3rd was hampered by an unexpected snowstorm.  Attendance shifted to a phone connection, but a great deal was accomplished nevertheless. A report on our activities will follow, as well as the official minutes.



Welcome to our brand new website.  Your webmaster-editor (Tom Nelson) will be populating the website with all kinds of information, including meeting dates and agendas, pages of free materials for you local websites and newsletters, an idea-exchange on the new AIS Prevention plans for counties, and links to all our member websites and everywhere else of interest.

BTW: that really is an eagle flying at dawn in the middle of our banner photo!  (Luckiest photo ever taken).

We welcome you ideas and input as we develop this website from the ground up.  Please don't just bear with us…contribute!


Tom Nelson