Hello MN COLA!


Our next MN COLA meeting will be on Thursday, July 16 at the Ideal Township Hall in Crow Wing County, 10am-3pm.

Our Host will be the Whitefish Area Property Owners Association (WAPOA)

(We are not meeting in June)

Highlights of our meeting Forum will include:

*election of officers and budget discussion;
*special presentation from WAPOA;
*economics of clean water;
*discussion and decision on muskie stocking issue (old business);
*legislation update and analysis;
*water resolution (in collaboration with other organizations);
*AIS news from members on problems and successes, including the DNR regional meetings;
*Initiative Foundation grants;
*Sandpiper routing (the "need" has been confirmed by officials);
*report and advice on non-profit organizational structure and insurance;
*membership drive (hopefully welcoming new members to MN COLA);
*social media and MN COLA Facebook page;
*Around the Horn reports from members on a variety of issues, new and old.

If you have additional items for consideration, please let us know.  Final agenda, directions to venue, etc., to follow.

Two such items need your immediate attention (please reply to our MN COLA email address): minnesotacola@gmail.com

These items will be further discussed at our July meeting.

1)  VP/Secretary Joe Shneider has moved to appropriate $500 to market MN COLA to Lake and River Associations using Facebook for the purpose of adding new members to our organization.  Details and explanation are attached.  Is there a Second?  Assuming there will be, please offer any discussion, or simply say yea or nay to this motion (present members only).

2) Becker County COLA has requested assistance in understanding the options surrounding the organizational structure for non-profit organizations both on the Lake Association and COLA levels.  This has become more urgent when a non-profit serves as fiscal agent for AIS grants, which can result in a 1099-Misc being generated by the IRS.  Related is the issue of insurance for non-profit boards.  See: BC COLA – MN COLA tax and org Assistance.

This second item has come up repeatedly and the various options need to be addressed from a Lake
If any of you have any experience with these organizational options, the tax statements, or the insurance issue, please respond to this email with your ideas.  MN COLA is a volunteer organization without paid staff or expertise to research such issues.

Based on your responses, MN COLA will provide a Q&A page on our website that attempts to provide helpful advice for the benefit of our membership.  All advice offered can only be provisional suggestions, not definitive answers.  We will include links to official agencies for official information.

Thank you for your interest in MN COLA.  Please join us as members on July 16!  

And Please Spread the Word to your local Associations and individuals about our meetings and membership.

Tom Nelson
President, MN COLA


Our recent meeting in St Paul at the State Office Building (April 16) was quite interesting.  During our Forum we heard detailed presentations and discussions on the stocking of muskies by the DNR, and about the push to a Buffer Bill passed this session.  Details of the Buffer Initiative can be found on a page of this website (see menu on right side).

We also heard from Jeff Forester (MLR) on the political situation regarding water-related issues at the State Legislature.

Because time was short, we did not get to a newly proposed Water Resolution, nor did we discuss our upcoming membership drive.

Here is a detailed report on the meeting:

MN COLA meeting report 4-16-15

Our next meeting has not yet been scheduled.  It will be announced here and via our MN COLA email list, which includes both members and perspective members.  If you would like to be included on this email list or (better yet) join MN COLA, please contact Tom Nelson.





Welcome to our brand new website.  Your webmaster-editor (Tom Nelson) will be populating the website with all kinds of information, including meeting dates and agendas, pages of free materials for you local websites and newsletters, an idea-exchange on the new AIS Prevention plans for counties, and links to all our member websites and everywhere else of interest.

BTW: that really is an eagle flying at dawn in the middle of our banner photo!  (Luckiest photo ever taken).

We welcome you ideas and input as we develop this website from the ground up.  Please don't just bear with us…contribute!


Tom Nelson