Hennepin County with U of M Extension offers free AIS Detector training in May

AIS Detectors documenting lake weeds

Partnering with the U of M Extension, Hennepin County is hosting two free aquatic invasive species (AIS) detector course options this spring.

The course is an introduction to AIS science, identification, and surveillance. You will learn how to identify and report invasive species, best practices for preventing the spread of AIS, relevant rules and regulations, and how to search for AIS on your own.

This course consists of two portions: a self-paced online course and an in-person workshop with the instructors. The self-paced online course takes approximately 8 hours to complete and must be completed prior to the in-person workshop.

In-person workshop options (only 1 day required):

  • Friday, May 5 in Minneapolis from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Friday, May 12 in Wayzata from 9 am to 5 pm

Learn more and register

(Note: Expand section EXT XFO.0063 – Minneapolis for the Minneapolis session and EXT XFO.0063 – Wayzata for the Wayzata session)

Michigan’s Glen Lake Association sets a high bar protecting water quality

Glen Lake, MI

Our Lake Resiliency topic at the March Membership meeting was a follow-up to December’s presentation on using drones for surface water management, but it was much more.

Rob Karner, the biologist for the Glen Lake Association in Michigan, took center stage and talked through their comprehensive approach to using their shoreline survey to drive water quality improvements. Rob was supported by Dennis Wiand and Ron Reimink who spoke about the drone technology in December.

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Help Wanted: MN COLA’s Legislative Agenda needs YOU!

The 2023 Minnesota Legislature convened on January 3rd with over sixty new members among the 67 Senators and 134 Representatives.  MN COLA has its work cut out to help make things happen on our Legislative Agenda to address our surface water quality issues, and we need your help!

Read on to get insights into the 2023 Legislative session, see the critical items on MN COLA’s Legislative Agenda, and get suggestions and next actions for you to take to help us in this truly important effort.

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New Book about MN, WI and MI Lakes

The subheading tells it all… “we’re loving our lakes to death”. This book should be required reading by every shore owner. The author describes how we’ve gotten to this point, what all the big issues are, and in the last chapter he poses some solutions. It’s published by the University of Wisconsin Press and you can get it from all major book retailers.

The go-to resource for lake dwellers and lake advocates of the Upper Midwest

Lakes are among the Upper Midwest’s greatest treasures and most valuable natural resources. The Great Lakes define the region, and thousands of smaller lakes offer peace, joy, and recreation to millions. And yet, in large part because of the numbers of people who enjoy the local waterways, the lakes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota face numerous challenges. Invasive species, pollution, defective septic systems, inadequate shoreland zoning laws, and climate change are present and increasingly existential threats. We are, quite possibly, loving our lakes to death.

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LCCMR recommends funding 3rd phase of wake research

The 3rd phase of wake research will expand the U of MN’s existing research on boat generated waves and prop wash impacts, and will also research wind generated waves to parse out similarities and differences to boat generated waves.

The project was recommended by the LCCMR for approval by the MN Legislature in the Legacy funding bill in the session that started this month.

“It appears that the wake research team will receive funding for a Phase 3 study” said Andy Riesgraf, the Project Manager/Researcher for the Phase 2 wake study at the U of MN’s St. Anthony Falls Lab.

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MN DNR unveils new lake health info site

As a new part of the MN DNR’s Watershed Health Assessment Framework, the lakes section is now available online. It provides easy access to water quality and health information for thousands of Minnesota lakes.

In the new site, you can find detailed information about a lake’s water quality, biology, hydrology, and stewardship. You can drill down to an individual lake by major watershed, county, catchment, and more.

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MN COLA’s 2022 Year in Review

Your MN COLA Board and Executive Committee worked very hard on your behalf in 2022 and we believe we moved the needle on delivering greater value to you, advocacy, and becoming a more professional organization. We feel proud of these accomplishments, and we hope that you do too.

Read on for a review of the past year.

MN COLA members should feel very good about our volunteer organization. We started the year with a very full plate and lots of expectations. Here’s a rundown of our intents and what we accomplished.

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Governor Walz headlined the 2023 DNR Roundtable

Governor Walz and DNR leadership kicked off 2023 at the DNR Roundtable on January 20, 2023, with their proposed 2024-25 budget and goals for the current Legislative session.

2023 MN DNR Roundtable Opening Conversation: L-R DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen, Governor Tim Walz, and Ann Mulholland, Nature Conservancy Chapter Director for MN, ND, and SD.

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Shoreline Living booklet Volume 2 is now available

The Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership is proud to share two volumes of its Shoreline Living series, which provide examples of everyday shoreline property owners that dipped their toes into rehabilitating or protecting a natural shoreline.

There’s something magical about spending time at a lake, whether you’re swimming, boating, fishing, or just sitting and listening to the lapping waves. There are simple steps property owners can take to keep their lakes clean and healthy for generations to come. The Shoreline Living series shares the examples of ordinary property owners who have done something extraordinary. Each is taking steps in their own way to do their part to care for the lake. From small steps to rehabilitate a relatively manicured property to protecting an almost fully forested and natural landscape, the articles within feature the efforts of people just like you.

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